doodle of Zahra
New character! She doesn’t have a name yet though
Finally got around to fixing some of the problems with this drawing and guhh.. I’ll fix more in another six months. Drawing of my boyfriend’s character Juno!
Second YouTube banner commission. This one’s for Domislive.
Again, collab with my boyfriend, here’s his blog.
Commission for my lil brother, banner for his youtube channel. Worked on this together with my boyfriend, check his art out here!
Request from a drawthread. Requester asked for a redesign of Fi from LoZ: Skyward Sword, as the Golden Sword from ALttP.
I’ll keep working on this because I like the request, but here’s what I have so far. Personally, I like the left better, but I’m not sure what it’s lacking. Have any ideas?
Commission, Pyro loadout, with this cute community item.If you’re interested in commissioning me, send me a message.
Drawing of Morbius for Kyle.

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à paraître

à paraître

Hi, my name is Lauren.

When I'm not busy with uni, I post my work here.

Click here for for more information about me and commissions.